The Purpose of Israel Project

מטרת פרויקט ישראל

Israeli society is highly polarized, and it is growing more so with each passing day. Internal schisms between different segments of the country are deep and hostile. Our work in Israel has been successful at bringing diverse Israeli stakeholders together to identify their shared purpose, a force that can bring and hold the country together.

Amoveo Mundi has been running a project since the beginning of 2016 to test the True Purpose® process’ efficacy at finding Israel’s purpose. This has been a pilot, with five groups totaling several hundred people. Cross-sections of Israeli society, including West Bank settlers, Orthodox, secular, and liberal Jews, resulted in 100% alignment on a purpose in each group of 20-50 people. And the purposes found by each group were very consistent with one another, often using many of the same words. Participants reported renewed hope, and the normal political and religious tensions between them were absent by the end of the process.









Having proven that the process works as expected,

our next goal is to get funding to scale up.


We plan to gather much more input on the country’s purpose online, both from Israelis and from Diaspora Jews. We will gather input from different sectors of Israeli society, including new immigrants, Ethiopians, Russians, Christians, Muslims, Druze, Bedouins, Circassians and Arabs. And we will publicize and advertise the process, in order to get a sufficient fraction of the population to participate and determine the one higher purpose of the country of Israel!

For Amoveo Mundi, the real goal of finding Israel’s higher purpose is to transition the consciousness of Israel’s citizens from fear and defense to win-win thinking that can model for all of us what a country truly can be. The goal of finding Israel’s purpose is not only for Israel’s benefit; it is for the whole world.